April 8


Teaching Multisyllabic Words to Primary Grade | Teachers Resources

By TheJustRead

Teaching Multisyllabic words can be simple and interactive. This Multisyllabic words PPT can help you explain the lesson in a simple manner. Multisyllabic words PPT is concise yet explicit. The activities can help you gauge the understanding of your students.

You can use the Multisyllabic words PPT as a tool for explaining. There are many videos available on YouTube, but my recommendation would be “What is a Syllable? | Open and Closed Syllables” by  Kids Academy.

Teaching Multisyllabic Words is a complete lesson on its own but you can use some warmup and plenary activities to enhance your lesson further. You can find some activity ideas in my forthcoming posts.

One of the classroom activities for this Multisyllabic words lesson can be the adventure game. You can divide the class into groups of 4 or six depending on the total number of students. Then play this online game. Kids simply love this game. The team that scores the highest will win.

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