Classroom Lesson for “Adverbs”

By TheJustRead

Teaching Adverbs can be simple and interactive. This Adverbs PPT video can help you explain the lesson in a simple manner. The Adverb PPT is concise yet explicit. The activities can help you gauge the understanding of your students.

You can use the Adverbs video as an additional tool for understanding. There are many videos available on YouTube, but my recommendation would be “ Parts of Speech for Kids: What is an Adverb?” by  Teaching Without Frills. I am attaching the link for your reference.

This PPT video is a complete lesson on it own but you can use some warmup and plenary activities to enhance your lesson further. You can find some activity ideas in my forthcoming post.

One of the warmup activities for this Adverb lesson can be the game, Dumb Charades. You can divide your students into teams and ask each team to jot down a list of 10 verbs. Place a bowl in the middle with different adverbs. Each team will take a turn to pick one adverb and match it with the verb from their list and act it out accordingly for their team to guess. First to finish all their verbs with as many adverbs as possible will be the winner.

The lesson can be taken forward to explanation after this activity with the help of this Adverb PPT video.

You can also check out my “Adverbs that Compare” as the extension of this lesson.

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