Classroom Lesson: Teaching CVVC Syllable Pattern (with Powerpoint Slides)

By Becky F

CV/VC Syllable Pattern is one of the most important topic in teaching spellings and syllable structure. The CVVC spellings are consist of  Consonant | Vowel | Vowel | Consonant.

If you are looking for a resource that can help your teaching on CV/VC syllable patterns, check our complete lesson on this topic. This lesson is designed mainly to assist primary grade teachers, but it can be used for other grade levels with slight modifications.

Learning Objective

Students should be able to

  • Recognize pairs of vowels that follow the CV/VC and CV/V syllable pattern rule
  • Pronounce words where both vowels make sounds

Learning Outcomes

Students Will be able to

  • Read and spell simple long vowel words with CV/VC and CV/V spelling patterns

Download CVVC Lesson PPT Slides

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We hope that this Teaching resource is helpful for you and your students. You can check our complete range of Primary Grades teaching resources here.

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