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Classroom Lesson: What is the Internet, Network and Web

Nowadays, every single child is well aware of the word Internet or network or web. Children are not only aware of the term, but actually, they are well versed in it, even more than us at times. But what they don’t know is the real meaning of the words Internet, Network, and Web. This Lesson, “What is the Internet, Network and Web” will help you teach them in a child-friendly manner.

How to Start the Lesson?

Before starting the lesson, you can let the students play any online multiplayer game. This can be a good warm-up activity to show them how they play with someone in a different city or even in a different country. This will help you introduce them to the network system, and mainly the Internet.

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What is in the Lesson?

This Lesson has a brief but enough introduction to these terms for primary grade levels. Apart from learning about ”What is Internet, Network and Web”, children must know the protocols of using the Internet. This Lesson “What is the Internet, Network and Web “ also includes a video that will teach them how to stay safe on the Internet.

There are many videos available on YouTube for both the introduction Internet and the Web and the safety on the internet. Still, my recommendation would be  “What is Internet?” by Planet Nutshell.

How to Conclude the Lesson?

As a closure to the lesson, you can ask the students to have an online chat with you, while you’ll pretend to be a stranger to them. Let the kids follow what they learned about internet safety. You can give them tips to stay safe on the Internet, which is very important.

I hope this Resource is helpful for you to develop and deliver a lesson to your students. You can also check out my other Lessons in Teachers Resources.

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