Teaching Computer

Complete Lesson For Teaching Computer and Its Components

Teaching Computer may be boring for an adult but learning about computers is super fun for children. This lesson is specifically planned to make these core yet complicated parts of the computer easy to understand. In this “Motherboard, CPU and Chips” ppt you will find child friendly terminology of these parts and their functions.

What is in the Lesson?

The “Motherboard, CPU and Chips” ppt has a brief but enough introduction to these terms for primary grade levels. Apart from learning about ” Motherboard, CPU and Chips”, children must be able to see how it really looks like in real, hence I have also inserted a video for a better understanding.

There are not many videos available on YouTube for the Motherboard, but you can still show your students how computers work. A video titled “Inside your computer – Bettina Bair” by Ted-Ed.

Classroom Activity

As an activity, you can ask your students to draw a picture of what they think the inside of their computer looks like. Encourage them to show what they think makes the computer work. After listening to their ideas, you can use this “Motherboard, CPU and Chips” ppt as a tool for explanation.

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I hope this Resource for Teaching Computer is helpful for you to develop and deliver a lesson to your students. You can also check out my other Lessons in Teachers Resources