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What Remote Technology Is Essential for Your Job?

Remote work has gone from a trend to the norm. While this was once the domain of freelancers, there are now employees that fully work remotely – whether from their homes, a coffee shop, or a coworking space. And most revolutionary is that there are entire businesses that are run remotely. There are many options for anyone who wishes to work remotely. If you want to start a remote business, wish to be a remote employee, or start freelancing remotely – you want to learn about the best remote technology that is available

Following are some remote technologies that are essential for you to start working remotely!

  • VPN
  • VoIP
  • Cloud Storage
  • Time tracking software
  • Chat software
  • Project Management tools
  • Remote bank account
  • Payment authorization account e.g. Stripe, PayPal, etc

The Best Remote Technology

While there is a plethora of remote technology now available, you want to choose the best services and applications. Choosing the best resources will ensure you have the best experience of working remotely.

Here’s what we suggest.

1. VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is a service that lets you connect securely to another network over the web.

VPN-What Remote Technology Is Essential for Your Job?
Image by Stefan Coders from Pixabay

A VPN can be used to hide your browsing data from hackers and any potential attacks. It can also be used to access content on the web that is restricted by a particular region.

All you have to do is visit a VPN service such as NordVPN or IVPN – among others – and register for their service. They will usually charge a monthly or annual fee that can be renewed or canceled at any time.

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2. VoIP

A Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application is necessary for communicating with other members of your remote team. When applying for a job with a remote company, it may be necessary to conduct an interview using a VoIP application.

video conferencing
Image by Lynette Coulston from Pixabay

Applications such as Skype and Zoom are great options. They can be used for one-on-one calls as well as conferences and remote team meetings. We suggest mastering how to use a VoIP application before diving into remote work. This will completely replace your mobile phone, so make sure you know which is the best application for you.

3. Cloud Storage

Especially if you decide to become location-independent and work from coffee shops, coworking space, or even different countries – you will need to always access your files.

cloud storage-remote technology
Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

It becomes impractical to store everything on your laptop. It is even more impractical to bring your files on multiple external hard drives and flash drives. 

The best solution is to use a cloud storage option such as Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox – among many others. This way your files are stored on the internet and can be accessed from anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection.

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4. Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software is imperative if you work by the hour. Even if you are on a salary or get paid by each gig you complete, keeping track of time gives you an idea of how much time you spend working.

Whether you use Toptal’s Time Tracker or Toggl’s Time Tracker – among other applications – you want to keep a record of how much time you are spending while working. If you are paid by the hour, these applications can also record your screen activity. This ensures your employer that you are working and not wasting any time!

5. Chat

In addition to the necessity of VoIP and the use of email, there is a need for a chat program. Sending instant messages is often the most convenient way to communicate with your team.

This is also a great option for collaborating with your team. As you are working on a project together, you can chat with your teammates. Applications such as Slack and Flow are popular chat applications for many remote workers and remote teams alike.

As with a VoIP application, we suggest you try different chat applications to see which best suits your needs.

6. Project Management

This is especially crucial when working with teams on a major project. Applications such as Basecamp, Asana, and Trello are project management tools where you can collaborate with your team.

Project Management-PDCA
Image by Lynette Coulston from Pixabay

For example, if you are writing an ebook, you can link a Google Document in Asana. This Google Document will have the ebook written on it. After you are finished, you can assign your editor to start proofreading and assign your graphic designer to work on the book cover. All of this can be done within Asana’s interface.

A project management tool is a necessity for any remote business, remote team, or remote freelancer who wishes to collaborate with others.

7. Remote Bank Account

This may not always be a necessity for every situation, but it can be very beneficial for remote freelancers and remote companies. Especially if you decide to be a digital nomad, you want to make sure you can always have an account to access your money.

Remote Bank accounts such as Revolut, Charles Schwab, Monzo, N26 – among many others, are made for people who travel and work remotely. They are a quick way to access money at any time without ever needing to enter a physical bank branch. We suggest learning more about Fintech – as it will be needed for understanding which remote bank account works best for your needs.

8. Payment Authorization Account

Finally, you want to use a service for receiving payments. These can include Stripe or PayPal, remote bank accounts, or cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase.

Many remote companies prefer to pay their workers through a digital payment provider. They may even ask for your account credentials when you apply and reject you if you do not use such a service. These services are also great if you want to pay employees or contractors for any of your own work.

We suggest having multiple accounts on different services to have the option of receiving payments from a customer’s preferred payment service.

Your Business Can Be Remote

Now that you know the best remote technology, you are ready to take your business to the next level. Your business can be run remotely and we know you will succeed!

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