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What Makes VR in Education Beneficial?

No matter what age a student is, virtual reality (VR) is an invaluable educational tool. We all undeniably live in a technologically advanced era in which the high-tech inventions that once plagued by old movies and books about the future are now being used practically every day. So why not take advantage of human advancement?

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Google Classroom Vs. Microsoft Teams for Education | Which is Better?

With advancing technology and circumstances that require learning from home, online education has grown significantly in the past few years, especially in 2020. Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams for Education are two popular platforms that schools use for online learning. We are here to go over the basic features, major differences, and common questions about

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What Can You Expect From LiDAR Technology in iPhone 12 Pro?

Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro added the LiDAR Scanner to its long list of innovative technology applications. Lidar technology gives the iPhone 12 Pro intense, powerful depth-sensing capabilities, resulting in better pictures and enhanced augmented reality.  The iPhone 12 Pro can take night portraits, run AR apps, and deliver all of that faster than ever,

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17 Best Tools to Manage Remote Employees | Latest 2020 Guide

Remote work has become increasingly more common throughout a multitude of different industries. Working a remote job offers flexibility and allows one to travel whilst not having to use their off days. Although remote jobs offer certain freedoms, some employees do find sorting through the technicalities to be a bit difficult. Managers must still be

Electric car charging

Can you Charge an Electric Car with a Portable Generator?

Electric cars (EVs) have been around us for quite some time now. The rise of EVs is mainly motivated by the need to use green energy. For this reason, it might be uncommon in some areas to talk about charging an EV from a generator. This quite unknown EV charging hack comes handy in several

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Disadvantages of Microsoft Teams – 5 Things to Consider

Is Microsoft Teams the Only Option? When it comes to giants in the IT market, Microsoft is one of the largest. Its tools and products are used widely by both people and businesses. One of the apps that are being used today is Microsoft Teams. This platform combines chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. It also

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7 Ways Technology Can Help the Environment

Through the last couple of decades, we’ve witnessed important technological advances that have made our lives easier in many ways. Technology has helped in the medical field, in the construction sector, and many other industries. It made it possible to solve problems that in another era would’ve been unimaginable. Today, we live in a world

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Top 10 Technology Trends

Research shows that 50 percent of the growth in global technology use is due to emerging innovation. There’s no doubt that technology has moved from being a segment of society to a tool that’s impacting every layer of life. Here’s a look at the top 10 technology trends you should be on the lookout for. 1. Personalization in