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As written by DAVID OPIE “Outsiders aren’t usually accepted by mainstream society, but after the slowest of slow burns, HBO’s show The Outsider has beaten the odds and become a firm favorite.

While Stephen King’s name has always been a draw, few could have predicted that the final episode of his latest adaptation would be watched by 2.2 million viewers, beating the likes of seemingly more popular shows like Watchmen.

In fact, this is the best a new HBO show has performed since Westworld first opened its saloon doors in 2016, and what’s perhaps most surprising is that these ratings represent a one million increase since The Outsider premiered back in January.

Just like El Cuco whispers in the ear of his victims, word of mouth has ensured The Outsider’s success in a more literal sense too, suggesting that the show might creep back into our lives at some point soon.

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The Outsider Season 1 Ben Mendelsohn, Cynthia Erivo. photo: Bob Mahoney/HBO

In fact, showrunner Richard Price has already revealed that he’s working on season two (via Indiewire), and although the first season covered everything in King’s source material, the finale set up some new twists which could guarantee future episodes — assuming, of course, that HBO decides to capitalize on the show’s surprise success.”

So will there be a season 2?

Well, Mishal Ali Zafar from Cheatsheet is still confused as he stated that “The series is an adaptation of King’s The Outsider, which is a standalone book. So technically, there’s no more source material for showrunners to draw from for another season. However, King is a writer on the show, so he could provide ideas for a second season.
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If the show does get another season, it would probably follow Holly as she continues to solve supernatural cases. Her character, which appeared in other King books including Mr. Mercedes, End of Watch, and Finders Keepers, has plenty of stories to tell.

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Update: The finale does set up a storyline for season 2. At the end of the episode, Ralph suggests that he and Holly should work together again. And in a post-credits scene, Holly sees Jack in the mirror for a quick second, and for some odd reason, she completely ignores the menacing scratch on her arm.

After watching this post-credits scene, it certainly seems like showrunners intend to continue the story. And if they follow through with a Holly and Ralph team up, it will definitely make for a riveting second season.”