Animated kid with cupcake on a table

Story Passage: Addison’s Amazing Cupcake

Addison was an amazing cupcake seller. One day a visitor came, and Addison wasn’t ready. She was so nervous. The visitor came inside. Addison didn’t know what to do. She made a cupcake that had a flower on it and gave it to the visitor. The visitor said, “Not good.” Addison wanted it to be amazing so, she tried to make another cupcake. While she was making the other cupcake, the visitor left.

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She was so upset. She went to clean up the table and found a list on the table. She picked it up and read it. There were a few names and points. She didn’t see her name. Suddenly she heard the visitor coming back. She left the list and went like nothing ever happened.

Then the visitor told her there will be a competition in his office and she should register herself in it. He called some people to compete in the cupcake competition. Addison was afraid. Addison made a cupcake that had a rainbow frosting on it.

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Some people got eliminated because their cupcakes weren’t good. Addison and some other people were left. Later it was time to decide the winner. Addison won! She didn’t know she was going to win a trophy.


Question time!

1. Who was Addison?

2. Which cupcake did she make at first?

3. What did Addison see on the table?

4. Did Addison see her name in the list.

5. What cupcake did Addison make in the competition?

6. Did Addison get eliminated?