Story Passage: The Naughty Prince

Once upon a time, there was a royal family of four. The prince’s name was Jacob, and the princess was Kaitlyn and of course the King and the Queen.

Jacob was very naughty, he liked to annoy his family. He ruined Kaitlyn’s favourite dress with green slime all over it. He even broke the King’s favourite mug which said, “I am the King. Don’t mess with me”. Worst of all, he ripped his mom’s gown. “Jacob! Go to your room!” yelled the queen, but Jacob still kept pulling pranks. Then one day his family got so frustrated they told the guards to take him to the dungeon.

When the guards took him, Jacob started yelling “You can’t do this to me” then when he was in the dungeon, he thought to himself, “Why did I trick my family? I am a prince; I am should be treated nicely. I better go and apologies to them in the morning.” And so, he did. His family accepted his apology and they lived happily ever after.


Answer the following questions:

Name the characters in the story

What is the moral of the story?

What was Jacob’s first trick?

Who yelled at Jacob?

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