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Business Grants and Tax Relief in 2020- 2021 | Pandemic Aid

Major businesses around the world have suffered during the COVID19 Pandemic. Some have closed down while others had to start working on cost-cutting by either reducing staff or decreasing their operational hours. As demand decreased in many sectors, industries have also tried to adapt accordingly. To relieve the situation for businesses and common people, governments

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How Do You Survive a Pandemic With Your Business?

It’s estimated that about 15,000 stores could go out of business in 2020, versus the 9,500 that closed in 2019. This massive permanent shut down of businesses is a direct result of the economic impact of the coronavirus. Most nonessential businesses have been forced to shut down for the last couple of months. Even with some states opening

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Business Is Booming: What Businesses Are Thriving During COVID-19?

Which Businesses We’re Talking About? With the drop in foot traffic during COVID-19 lockdowns, many businesses haven’t survived. Retail spending is down across industries. Meanwhile, restaurants, hotels, and travel agencies may never be the same. Yet, business is booming for some industries. Whether they’ve become more vital during the pandemic or have creatively responded to fluctuating consumer behaviors,

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8 of the Best Business Financial Services

When running a business, you want to consider what the best business financial services are. This may not always be the most “fun” part of running a business. But it is crucial that you know your company’s financial situation.  It is imperative that you use the best financial services to grow and manage your business. Let’s

How Commodities Predict Market Movements

How Commodities Predict Market Movements

Commodities are much more than we might make of their worth literally. Copper, for instance, has more power aside from being an electricity superconductor. Gold, on the other hand, has more value in the fiscal world, not just ornamental value. These are just examples. Other commodities like oil, silver, and gas are an important tool

Capital Smart City Pakistan

A Guide to Capital Smart City Islamabad

There is a lot of buzz about a new mini-city that was emerged a couple of years back in the outskirts of Islamabad, Capital Smart City. If you are a potential investor or looking for new land to purchase to build your own home in a society based on a modern concept, this guide will

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Effects Of Coronavirus On The Cryptocurrency Market

There is no doubt about the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the world over the past few months. No matter whichever part of the world you are located, you must have been getting regular updates about coronavirus. This disease was discovered in humans in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, which had spread all

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Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in 2020

Practically every market took a massive hit from the global coronavirus outbreak. This should not be surprising, as in major news events multiple assets tend to correlate with each other. But these downturns offer significant buying opportunities for 2020. All of these apply to Cryptocurrency Market as well Bitcoin (BTC) Profit Bitcoin is the oldest