How Commodities Predict Market Movements

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Commodities are much more than we might make of their worth literally. Copper, for instance, has more power aside from being an electricity superconductor. Gold, on the other hand, has more value in the fiscal world, not just ornamental value. These are just examples. Other commodities like oil, silver, and gas are an important tool in determining the health and direction (both short-term and long-term) of the market.

How commodities gauge the short-term and long-term market direction, and how their prices influence the stock market


Of all the commodities, gold is the most popular, serving both investors and non-investors. Gold is so powerful that it also acts as a currency. it was not until 2012 that gold started showing an overall trend in sync with the market trend. For this reason, gold has become a good indicator for investors.

Gold bars of different sizes

Price effects

A trend representing gold is observed to be in a direction opposite to that of the market. This makes gold a strong hedge fund, used to cushion against adverse effects of the market. Traders go for gold when the market is on the low. When the market starts trending high, i.e. when gold appears as a commodity, investors start liquidating gold. When gold gains demand again, it may be a strong market downturn indicator.

This is how gold influences the overall market by acting as a store of value. Here is a graph of how gold correlates inversely with the stock market. Notice how bitcoin is also making an indicator.


Copper is not as popular a product as gold. However, copper being a base metal as well as a major industrial raw material, it has become a commodity to watch among investors. It particularly points to the housing and manufacturing sectors. Copper, due to its usage, mirrors the economic health of a sector. Investors use copper to foretell the market future based on the current market sentiment.

bunch of copper wires

Price effects

Copper is regarded as a volatile asset. It can its price can largely fluctuate over a short period. This makes copper popular amongst investors who prefer volatile assets. When the price of copper falls, it means that the demand for risky assets is falling. This precedes a market correction curve.

When the price of copper picks once again, it might mean investors are converting their market instruments into copper. This is a bearish trend in the market.


Oil is as popular as gold, though it does not grip the market as hard as gold does. Research by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland revealed that in fact there exists a correlation between the trends in oil prices concurrently with the stock market.

Oil refinery

Price effects

Oil companies’ stocks are the most affected by oil prices, which are in turn governed by demand and supply. The demand and supply of petroleum are largely controlled by OPEC. When the oil prices begin a bullish trend, it is usually just a matter of time before stocks start feeling the heat. Recently, a report by the Wall Street Journal revealed that the recent uptrend in oil prices has had an impact on transportation stocks. The direct effect of the prices rallying is consumers spending less. Investments in oil-related stocks will suffer a downtrend in this case.

Due to the level of control by OPEC, and the presence of a few powerful investors in the market, their prediction of the future oil prices can result in the artificial control of these prices. This means the oil price movement needs to be combined with other indicators to make a good prediction.

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Silver has been used as a currency for centuries if not millennia. Today, silver-based instruments are popular in the stock market. From futures to options and ETFs, silver has a significant impact on the market in general.

Silver bars

Price effects

Silver futures contracts are quite popular nowadays on hedge-like terms. These contracts are based on agreement by the two parties so that each is cushioned against extreme price movements over a certain period. Silver, works in two ways, as a base metal, and as a precious metal.

Of late, silver has been gaining steadily, partially due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. It is thus being used for hedging. This rise in commodity price impacts negatively on industries relying on silver as a base metal. The increased pressure on these companies takes a pinch on their stock market prices.

When the commodity starts falling, more of it is liquidated making it more available for the base-metal users. The result is an economically friendly environment for such companies. Their stock market prices go high.


Gas is mainly known as a fuel product. Due to its consistent demand, gas can affect the prices of other commodities and the stock market in general. There are market trends that have indicated a relationship between the stocks and the prices of gas, as seen in a report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

Gas pipeline

Price effects

Gas prices affect the economy across many sectors. Consumer spending is usually the first and others follow along.

When gas prices go high, the spending by consumers is and also the logistics sector. These industries then suffer an increased cost of running which puts a strain on their market value. When the gas prices take a downtrend, the industries relying on gas experience reduced operational costs, boosting their overall health and their market value.


All the major commodities affect market movements in different ways. They provide reliable signals to traders and investors if used properly, alongside other indicators. The gas and oil industry has received a major setback from the current COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas the market players have seen their market value drastically reduce, they can only hope to benefit from future contracts.

The same COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened gold and silver as they’re being used as hedge assets. This has further impacted negatively on the industries that use these gold and silver as base metals.

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