Classroom Lesson Slides for Vowel Diphthongs ‘oi’ & ‘oy’

By Becky F

Download the complete set of ready to use slides for Primary or Elementary grades English Lesson for Vowel Diphthongs 'oi' & 'oy'.

Learning Objective

Students should be able to;

  • understand the meaning of vowel diphthongs
  • recognize the blending sounds of vowel team oi & oy

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to;

  • identify vowel diphthongs in a word
  • decode and read the words with diphthongs

Download the complete set of ready-made slides for Elementary grades English Lesson for Teaching Vowel Diphthongs 'oi' & 'oy'

No. of Slides: 24 including Activities

Download ppt Slides For This Lesson

Editable Lesson Slides included

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