What is the Best Alternative to the iPad Pro Keyboard?

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The Apple Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro is already in the market. No doubt that it is one of the most attractive and complete product for iPad Pro users. The inclusion of a trackpad in the latest model has given an entirely new experience for iPad Pro Users and making it very close to an alternative to a laptop. The new keyboard is full size, backlit with a scissor mechanism, and can be attached to iPad Pro magnetically. All these options and features come with a hefty price tag. The new iPad Pro Keyboard is really amazing but today we will review other options that are lower in price and are the closest match to Apple Keyboard. So, let’s take a look at what is the Best Alternative to the new iPad Pro keyboard?

There are several alternatives to the new iPad Pro keyboard. We have listed the ones which are the closest match to the new Apple Magic keyboard in terms of backlit keys, folds into a case to provide protection from back and front and other features.

The Apple Pencil wireless charging option mentioned in below Keyboards with Cases refers to 2nd generation Apple Pencil that supports wireless charging.

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1) IVSO Keyboard Case

IVSO keyboard connects through wireless Bluetooth with an iPad. The case itself is sturdy and well-made offering good protection for the iPad. Magnets keep the keyboard in place so, although it is detachable, it does not move around even if you lift the case up and let the keyboard hang in mid-air. The keyboard case support multiple viewing angles. The backlit keys have 7 different colors option that facilitates keyboard operation in dim lighting.
It supports Apple Pencil Wireless Charging. You can easily place the pencil on a specific charging point and once it is fully charged, place it in a slot specifically made to house Apple pencil. The cutouts for charging, speakers, camera, sensors, and other ports are precisely made and the iPad can be charged without removing the cover. The keyboard case also offers wake and sleep that helps in conserving the battery life of your iPad.

View IVSO Keyboard

2) Brydge Pro Keyboard

Brydge Pro keyboard connects through wireless Bluetooth connection with the iPad. It consists of two parts. The base part which is a keyboard is made of high-grade aluminum and can match your iPad color in Space Gray or Silver models. The other part comes with Snap-On magnetic cover for back protection made up of leather. The keyboard with the cover on the iPad gives a feel of MacBook. This is a full keyboard with dedicated iOS special function keys giving you the functionality of an iPad and the productivity of a laptop.

The keyboard attaches to the iPad by sliding the top cover holding the iPad in the hinges on the keyboard. The hinges provide multiple viewing angles for iPad and also support to keep the iPad in place. It also features 3-level backlit keys and can be charged through USB-C connector. The keyboard comes for both 11” and 12.9” iPad Pro sizes. The back cover keeps the Apple pencil charging connector exposed so you can charge you Apple Pencil with the cover on.

View Brydge Pro Keyboard

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3) KVAGO Keyboard

KVAGO keyboard has a nice and durable built quality. PU leather makes this keyboard look more elegant and gives it a feel of a luxury product. KVAGO keyboard connects through Bluetooth connection with the iPad. The case does a good job of protecting the front and back of the iPad. The case has magnets to keep the keyboard remain firmly in place while typing or carrying. The auto sleep and wake feature work once you close or open the cover. Precise cutouts on the cover allow full access to all ports and sensors of the iPad. The case offers 360-degree protection and can offer 3 different viewing angles of 120° 125° and 130°. The round mechanical feel keys have 7 Colors backlight features and 3 levels of adjustable Brightness. The Apple Pencil can be magnetically attached and charge with this cover on which is a very handy feature.

View KVAGO Keyboard

4) TYPECASE Touch Keyboard

Typecase Touch keyboard features multi-touch trackpad which makes it closest match to Apple Magic keyboard. It has a 360 rotatable design movement which is extremely useful. The backlit keyboard has 10 backlight color options and has a dedicated row of iOS shortcuts. The case has a loop for holding Apple Pencil on the side. This high-quality hard clamshell provides considerable scratch and impact protection when closed. The Apple Pencil can be magnetically connected and charged without removing the case. The keyboard itself can be charged through the USB charging cable. 360 rotatable design gives you many options for viewing angle.

View TYPECASE Touch Keyboard

5) JUQITECH Ultra Slim Magnetic Case with Keyboard

JUQITECH Ultra Slim Magnetic Case with Keyboard has 7 colors backlit keys. The keyboard connects with the iPad via Bluetooth connection. This keyboard has mechanical scissor keys with rebound feature, designed to deliver a great typing experience. The case has two magnets that offer two viewing angles and magnets are precisely aligned at the back which helps in attaching to the iPad firmly. The cover is made of Soft PU leather making it easier to grip from outside. The slim design of the cover supports Apple Pencil’s magnetic attachment so you don’t need to remove the cover for charging your Apple Pencil. 
The case has a buckle with two strong magnets that wraps around the Apple pencil, making it more secure while carrying the case. Auto Sleep/Wake option extends the battery life of both Keyboard and iPad.

View JUQITECH Keyboard

6) CHESONA Keyboard with Case

CHESONA Keyboard with Case for iPad Pro is made of PU Leather. With good built quality, this keyboard has 7 colors backlight with 3 levels of brightness adjustments. This removable keyboard connects to the iPad via Bluetooth connection. The cover supports 3 different viewing angles using a flip magnet. The cover has a specific slot to house Apple Pencil. The material of this cover supports Apple Pencil magnetic attachment and charging once placed on the charging connector so you don’t need to remove the cover. This Keyboard has Hotkeys customized for iPad including volume, music control, brightness, etc

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7) Logitech Slim Combo Detachable Keyboard with Case

Logitech’s detachable Keyboard is designed in partnership with Apple. This keyboard connects through Apple Smart Connector Powered by iPad via Apple Smart Connector. That makes it very easy to connect and charge without any batteries. The back of an iPad is protected by the back cover that also has a sleeve to hold Apple Pencil firmly in place. The kickstand on the back gives multiple viewing angles. The keys are backlit and have 3 levels of the adjustable backlight. There are iOS shortcut keys on the top row that makes it very easy to navigate for the users.  As the keyboard is detachable, the iPad can be used with the back cover on and can be used in different angles with a kickstand.

View Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard

8) Logitech SLIM FOLIO PRO Keyboard

Logitech SLIM FOLIO PRO keyboard gives a very good typing experience as the keys are nicely spaced apart as much as a full-sized keyboard. This keyboard has backlit keys with 3 adjustable levels. It provides back and front protections and the magnetic latch keeps iPad Pro safe. The case offers Apple Pencil charging and after use, the Apple Pencil can be stored securely inside the built-in sleeve. There are multiple function keys on this keyboard to interact conveniently with iPad Pro. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth with the iPad. The cover provides protection from back and front of the iPad and also covers all four corners of the iPad, make it more secure and protective.

View Logitech SLIM FOLIO Keyboard

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